Cambridge Global Health Partnerships (CGHP) works to improve healthcare globally utilising our unique position situated on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus – an internationally recognised centre of excellence in health care, research and education.

CGHP functions as a hub for NHS staff, academics and students interested in global health from Cambridge and across the East of England region, providing specialist support and grants, events, networking opportunities, and training to ensure safe, effective and ethical engagement in global health.

CGHP coordinates a series of health partnerships between Cambridge-based healthcare and academic institutions, and similar organisations in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. This sustainable model ensures lasting change, benefitting overseas partners, UK volunteers, and healthcare institutions and their patients; a triple win.

Just because someone can do something doesn’t mean they will. This is the fundamental reason why The Change Exchange exists: to support project teams to make change happen by translating behavioural science in to practice.

We use state of the art behavioural science to help teams use behavioural methods and theories in their health partnership work and interventions. We also support teams to develop evaluations that answer not only whether interventions are successful but also how to improve them. Unlike organisational change management consultants, we are experts in the behaviour of individuals. After all, it is the individual who is expected to make changes for organisations to implement change. Our scientific starting points are that behaviour is both automatic and reflective, action and coping plans are not often used in education and might help educators bring about change.

Most health professional training, aims to change the practice of people attending. Sometimes this is following new clinical guidelines, implementing new local practices or changing the way a service is delivered. The list is endless. Despite the aim being behaviour change, the courses are often not evaluated for behaviour change or influences on behaviour. We work in a variety of ways with teams: sourcing and supervising volunteer behavioural scientists, providing consultancy or training, and we work both remotely and in country, to bring about effective behaviour change.

Global Health Dorcas

Global health Dorcas was founded by Dorcas Gwata, a Nurse and Public Health Specialist, who endeavours to contribute to making the world a better place by building bridges between different realities.Global Health Dorcas is a community engagement organisation that is currently supporting grandmothers our Gogos in Mbare, Zimbabwe. Our projects focus on food access, mental health and gender. The organisation takes a focus on gender, working with women to improve life chances and experiences by acknowledging the inequalities faced by women and girls. Global Health Dorcas also emphasises the point of youth engagement, working to empower youth to make a difference within their community. GHD co-founded the Global Health Café, which stimulates reflection through dialogue and addresses important health issues of relevance to Africa, such as innovation, health policy and practice that support Health Systems. As such, GHD seeks to keep the conversation going and often hosts events to promote an open space for crucial discussions about various topics pertaining to global health, mental health, arts, music and wider issues concerning Africa and beyond.

The NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme was established in 2018 to increase NHS Scotland’s global health contribution to low and middle income countries.

The NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme’s primary aims are to:

1. reflect and support our existing international development commitments to our partner countries, as set out in the Scottish Government’s International Development Strategy, in particular our commitment to support capacity strengthening in the area of health,

2. make it easier for all NHS Scotland staff to participate in global citizenship, both here in Scotland and abroad by ensuring better guidance, co-ordination and support for health partnership work.

VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. Working in 24 countries around the globe, our unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organisations where their skills can have the greatest impact. By sharing unique skills and experience volunteers help generate new ideas and new ways of doing things, helping the communities they work in lift themselves out of poverty. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead, we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change, that will impact generations to come.
Around the world people are suffering needlessly due to a lack of quality health services, keeping them trapped in a cycle of poverty. VSO works with health workers, communities and governments to improve health services, focusing on the areas of maternal and newborn health, and adolescent and youth sexual health and rights.

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